Enjine.io is a simple to use, multi-platform rapid application development tool. It uses our V8 based JavaScript framework across multiple platforms. Head over to the 'platforms' page to get started.
It's primarily designed to be used by hobbyists, students and non-professionals. Please contact info@enjine.io if you wish to use it in a commercial project.
For each supported platform, we provide an installable JavaScript framework based on V8, (the same one found in Google Chrome). This gives your app access to native features, such as the file system, IO ports and WiFi etc from our simple JavaScript APIs.
The IDE and framework are free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects. However, in order to fund the development and hosting of this project, we provide a premium version with extra features. The optional CloudStore requires a monthly subscription of a few dollars.
Enjine.io is not currently open source, but may become so in the future.